Deb Schwartzkopf Shows us Her Home Made Bat System

If your studio is crowded and shelf space is at a premium, you know what a hassle it is to use all those 12-inch bats for your small thrown pieces. They take up a LOT of shelf space! Deb Schwartzkopf came up with a great solution to this problem: a space saving bat system that utilizes small square bats.

Today, we have two video clips for you. In the first video below, an excerpt from her video Setting Up Your Studio for Success, Deb demonstrates how she makes the bats using Masonite, a circular saw, and a jigsaw. In the second video, an excerpt from her video Pieces and Patterns, Deb demonstrates how she creates a patty of clay to adhere the bat system to the wheel. It’s easy to make and use and best of all, it’s inexpensive! Maybe it’s a system that will work for you!

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