About Me

About the artist

As a child growing up on a farm in Colorado, I spent countless hours playing with clay to make “mud bowls” as I called them. Although the pots never survived the sun-based firings, I enjoyed the process of creation, self-discovery and lost thoughts as I toiled with the natural, Colorado red clay.  

My career and life travels have led me on a lengthy journey far from home and away from my early clay days. However, in 2019 shortly after my son left the nest for college, I reinvigorated my passion for clay. I now make functional pottery and ceramic gifts in my home studio located in Todd Creek, Colorado. 


My work reflects my journey and continual exploration with clay and glazes. With a strong science and analytical background, I enjoy the experimentation process with glaze development, texture, surface decoration techniques, and clay firings.  In a world filled with noise and distractions, my pottery offers a respite – a connection to nature, to history, and to the beauty that resides in simplicity.  With each piece I create, I hope to evoke an appreciation for the challenging craft of pottery and ceramics, and the wonders that evolve from the kiln firings.

My work is about more than just crafting beautiful objects; it’s a reflection of strength, creativity, and resilience of women – especially elements within the flower bricks, tulipieres, and vases I create.  I hope that each piece serves as a symbol of empowerment and inspires others to embrace their unique, artistic journeys, or a greater appreciation for the craft.

Each piece I create, celebrates the Colorado landscape and natural surroundings – blue skies, red clay, and complex textures and other elements that make Colorado a wonderful place to live and create. 

My work is also influenced by a large number or potters worldwide (past and present) whose craftsman expertise and demonstrated artistic abilities inspire me to explore further, a continued path and future with clay.    

I actively participate in a community-based pottery network whose collaboration and mentorship help support and progress my passion for pottery. 

Although far from perfect, the handmade pottery I produce is made in small batches, with special attention devoted to the final product. I hope you find a gift or a special piece to add to your life for a very long time.

I look forward to sharing my continued clay journey. Visit me on Instagram @justfiredbyjenn for regular updates and new product releases. 


Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.