A New Approach to Faceting Pottery w/ Dick Lehman

Faceting pottery is a great way to take pots out of the roundness that the wheel creates, and is often done on leather hard pots. But faceting (or fluting) freshly thrown pots right on the wheel head can also create some amazing effects! Plus if you facet cylinders and continue to throw from the inside, you really capture the spin of the wheel as the facets twist and spin.

Dick Lehman takes this one step further by creating inward “facets” with a wooden rib when the clay is still soft. In today’s video clip, an excerpt from his video On-Wheel Altering & Faceting, Dick shows you his early explorations in faceting teabowls. To me, the finished pots evoke soft serve ice cream cones!

This clip was excerpted from On-Wheel Altering & Faceting with Dick Lehman, which is available in the Ceramic Arts Network Shop!

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